SS|BioTech’s raw material production capabilities will soon be unrivaled as we address a global concern. Quality raw materials made from strain-specific hemp have proven to be elusive worldwide and expensive to procure. High-grade water-soluble and oil-soluble hemp powders for the beverage, cosmetic, food, and medical industries continue to experience rapidly increasing demand. From supplements to OTC products to pet foods to skin care and so much more, the demand for high quality finished goods is setting higher records at an amazing pace. SS|BioTech’s research and development division, SS|Bioceuticals, stands tall and ready to provide solutions to companies seeking quality and value for their loyal customers.

Our innovative team of scientists and researchers habitually search the world in order to develop and deliver the best possible finished products to the marketplace. Further, SS|BioTech boasts a “Zero Footprint” by ensuring that 100% of all hemp byproduct is utilized in various forms, such as livestock feed and building materials.