SS|BioTech’s extraction skills incorporates the coldest extraction temperature of any alcohol extraction unit known with temperatures down to -58°F (-50°C). Our proprietary Winterization process saves valuable time and energy by saving the usual post-extraction process steps. Further, our systems exact the filtration process inside our contained system thus making extraction and filtration a joined process producing up to 99+% purity in our true Full Spectrum oil without distillation of the oil itself!

Our extraction methods allow us to custom-regulate the available cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids while rendering a zero residual solvent final product. As complex as our methods truly are, we are still able to minimize machinery downtime. Further, our high-production machines can be operated with just a single person following our dynamic SOPs.

SS|BioTech’s proprietary University-based systems were founded for the purpose of creating the most efficient pathway to the highest quality finished products possible. With almost 2 decades of extraction experience, SS|BioTech’s extraction professionals bring forward our ability to scale-up operations in order to meet demand, even on a global scale.